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Username: R.Otacon.
Real name: Can't tell because that my friends. It's a secret (Few people knows.)
DOB: 16 december 1986
Hobby: Playing video games, Riding my bicycle, drawwing.
Current Residence: Home
Favourite cartoon character: Subaru X Misora (There's others. Can't list them all. ^^;)
Personal Quote: Be nice and I won't be trouble for you.
It been a while since I draw something. The last time I send something was november 20th (No, not true. I did send something at lately.)

(Some discovery)

While I was searching stuff for my sprite comics at You tube. I came across a Subaru X Misora (Geo X Sonia) video.…

And I was surprise one of my oldest artwork (I used to draw with my pencil. Now with Sai program) appeared.

This is the artwork in question.

Color sketch Harpnote by Red-08

I can't speak spanish but, unlike some peoples who would make journal and complain about it. I decided to close my eyes on that one. The artwork was only used for a video. It's not like the person claim it has is own and I draw better now when I'm looking the old Harpnote artwork. So to my there's no fire. But I still say it's best to ask permission first before using an artwork. It's copyright rules after all. ^^;

(My long absent)

Well, I may have told but, I'm working on personal sprite comic project. Comic that will never see the light here on DA due to some good reason not to show. It's since october I had the idea to redo several private comics by putting new scene, improving the storyline. It took me all november and yet I'm still not finish. I'm sorry for those I haven't answer your comments. I do the best I can to answer them so be patient. ^^;

(Oc sprite)

I'm not quite good drawing Original creation on paper since most of the character I tried to draw ended up as failure so, I discover a new way to draw them. Since my sprite comic project. I found it easy to do them by sprite. But, I quite reculant to send it here. so here's sample of my work at and mind their names. I'm not good at naming them. ^^;

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matteso585 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I have an idea or two for future sprite comics.

Body Fitness- Luna has ordered Geo, Pat, Sonia, Bud, Zack, and their respective wizards (minus Pat) for some body fitness because she thinks their fat. In reality, she doesn't think their fat, just Bud. After everyone choose their own fitness trainer (Street Fighter characters) Bud is determined to get into shape while under watch of Ryo. Note: I consider Lyra fat due to the width difference between her default form and her guitar form.

Zombie Assault- Echo Ridge Elementary has been infested with zombies from the Dead Rising series. So Geo and the gang have to find a way to get rid of them. But the question is, why are the zombies here for?

Sonia Strumm Vs. The World- Sonia gets a visit from Felicia (the cat lady singer from the Darkstalkers series), her old music inspector. She and Belle must impress Felicia in order to pass the inspection.
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